Becoming a Mom

Last week I was asked what the hardest & best thing about becoming a mom has been.

That question caught me by surprise and I really struggled to come up with answers. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and think I’ve finally realized what my answers truly are.

The hardest thing about becoming a mother is how many other layers of my heart have been exposed. Sure, the extra layers of of love, worry, care, etc. But I’m talking deeper than that. I’m talking about the level of connection I feel with other mothers. When I hear of the suffering of a mother or her child, my heart feels their pain. When I think of the many mothers that are in drastically different circumstances than I am, I ache. I remember the pain and loss of sleep during the hurricane here in Haiti the most. Middle of the night, listening to the wind howl as I held my baby and rocked him. My heart broke over the mothers I knew who were huddled around their little ones as their roofs were about to fly off and as rain poured into their homes. I felt broken for them. Utterly broken. When I hear of mothers who lose their babies, my heart aches. When I think of mama’s who would do absolutely anything to keep their little ones safe & for them to have a bright future, my heart resonates with them.

My heart also breaks more than it did before over the injustice children face. Tears quickly fill my eyes when I see and hear stories of littles who are fighting to stay alive because of malnutrition. I see their faces differently. When I see any news story that involves a child, my heart breaks to new levels.

That is by far the hardest thing about becoming a mother. Your heart feels so much more on so many levels.

And yet, it is also by far the best part of becoming a mom. Although I feel like my heart aches deeper, I am thankful. I am thankful that I can connect with those hurting on a different level. I am thankful I can identify with them. That I can, in the smallest way, imagine what it would be like if I was in their shoes. The connection to other mothers. The compassion my heart has. It’s all grown immensely.

And with the depth of emotion & the depth of my heart, the depth of joy is even greater.

There is something so beautiful about becoming a mom. Thankful I get to share this experience with beautiful women like the ones below.

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to be out and taking a ton of photos for MOH lately (blog post about that coming soon), but here are some of the lovely mama’s I’ve been able to photograph the past couple weeks.

Mama’s waiting with their babies at the clinic:


Mama’s finding out that they’re getting a new, solid, block home instead of the tent they live in: mamas-4-of-9mamas-6-of-9

Mama’s & their children moving into their new homes (all the happy tears!):mamas-8-of-9mamas-9-of-9

Last but not least, this little boy (one month younger than Josiah) snuggling up to his mama’s chest while I talked with her about our babies crawling, walking, growing teeth, etc. mamas-7-of-9


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