|| The Countdown Begins – One Month ||

We’ve been in the states now for almost four months. 


That is by far the longest we’ve been away from Haiti in almost three years. THREE YEARS. 


I remember sitting in the car driving down the hill leaving campus in January knowing it would be 4+ months until I would be back and feeling all sorts of sentimental and honestly just sad. 

I’m so thankful that as much as I’ve missed our Haiti home tremendously over the past few months, it hasn’t been as hard to be away as I thought it would be (thank you, sweet baby boy of ours). And although it hasn’t been as hard to be away, we CANNOT wait to get back! 

I’ve written before that I feel like we’re constantly living in a state of tension. Living in between two places. Yet fully present at the same time. 

This is true, yet again. 

I’m so thankful we’ve been able to be in the states the last few months for many many reasons. It’s been a blessing. BUT, I’m ready to be home in Haiti. 

So many people have asked me, especially since Josiah has been born, “Are you still going back?” or more like, “You’re STILL going back?” (I’m pretty confident that at least half of the people who know us think we are out of our minds for living in Haiti with a baby. Maybe we are, but to us it’s worth it). 

And that’s just it. It’s worth it. That’s why I’m so excited to be back. It has nothing to do with comfort or safety. (Sometimes I feel more comfortable and safe in Haiti to be honest). It has everything to do with the Gospel. 

Matt and I are confident that the Lord has called us to Haiti in this season of life to be a part of bringing life transformation to every man, woman, and child. Having Josiah has not changed this. It’s made it so much sweeter. 

Is this always easy? No. 

Is it worth it? Yes. 

If I’m honest? It terrifies me sometimes. But if I’m fully honest, nothing sounds more sweet than having my boy experience living life for the sake of the Gospel from such a young age. The Lord may open doors for us to come back to the States one day. Right now? Haiti is where we feel He has us and we will be faithful in that until He makes it clear that we need to be somewhere else.

Haiti is our home. And in ONE MONTH we move back with Josiah! It feels like years away and also like it’s just around the corner. 

So many of you have been praying for us since we moved to Haiti almost three years ago and faithfully ask us how you can be praying for us. Here’s a few specific prayer requests for this next season:

– Transition. As if the transition to parenthood isn’t a big enough transition, lets throw in the transition to parenthood (and back to work) in a different country. Yeah, maybe we’re a little crazy. But again, it’s worth it. 

    – For Matt – that jumping back in to the busy season of work wouldn’t be overwhelming and that priorities remain in place. That God, family, work remains the order. 

    – For Amanda – that transitioning back into work but also being a mama flows naturally and smoothly. I’m fully expecting it to be a shock to my system but that the Lord will meet me right where I am. Full honesty – I’m nervous about this transition and balancing it all. But I’m trying to trust the Lord that He’s got me. 

    – Josiah – these feel a little silly to ask for, but they’re not. For a smooth transition into the heat (it’s hot in Florida but not like Haiti). For health/protection – he’s certainly a healthy boy and we’d love for that to remain the same in Haiti.

– Continued support. So many of you have been faithful in not only praying for us but supporting us financially as well. We’re so thankful. We are still in need of support. This year has been a hard one on the support front – and with Josiah it’s still so very needed. We are behind in our support raising and have a few extra needs (example: air for Josiah’s room, health insurance for all three of us now, etc). Will you join us in praying that support continues to come & that the Lord would continue to provide through his people? He’s been faithful thus far & we trust Him.

– The Gospel to be shared. This is our biggest prayer as we re-enter life in Haiti. That the Gospel would be shared through our family. That the Lord would use Matt, myself, and even Josiah to be a part of bringing life transformation. The prayer I’ve prayed over and over since even before Josiah was born is that the Lord would use his little life to bring others closer to Him. 

I’m sure there’s plenty of other things we need prayer for, but those are a few of the specific ones I can think of (enter new mama brain – that’s a prayer request – I feel dumb now and the thought of having to be a fully functioning working mom again makes me all wide eyed – so pray for my brain and my coworkers – they’re gonna need lots of patience with the new me).

That was a whole lot of rambling. 

In short : Yes, we are STILL going back to Haiti and we’re so excited about doing life in Haiti with our little one. And yes, it’s a little terrifying and we’d love your prayers. 🙂

We love you guys and are so thankful for all your love and support for our little family. 

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