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For any of you who have been following our blog or our instagrams over the past two years, you’ve probably heard us mention a few names of our Haitian friends (who are more like family) more than once.

There are two men that are some of Matt’s best friends and have really become brothers to us. We love them dearly, for many reasons, but there’s something special about these two.

Francky & Junior.

(Matt, Junior, Francky)

I know Matt could write a long blog post about what they mean to him. He has worked with them all day every day for the last two years. Personally it’s been such a blessing to me to see how much Matt loves them and how much they love Matt.

They love deeply & love well.

Like I said earlier, there’s something special about these two men that make me extra thankful for them. More than the fact that they love Matt & I and we love them.

They love & lead their families.

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The family unit in Haiti is not always pretty. Very rarely is the dad there. If he is even married to the mom, he typically spends long days away from the home. Sometimes multiple days away at a time for work. This is not the case for all, but it’s rare I see a strong family unit here in Haiti. Especially strong fathers.

But these two. They have the most beautiful families. They love their wives. They love their children. I love listening to them talk about their kids. I literally CAN’T WAIT to bring our baby boy back to Haiti and get our families together. I’ve already seen how this sweet baby of ours has united me with their wives in a different way than before. But now they’ll get to teach Matt about being a father. Our babies will get to play together. I can hardly contain the joy that thinking about those days brings me.

Both Francky & Junior have had their fair share of struggles when it comes to their families. But as they’ve pursued the Lord, they’ve seen how He calls them to be strong & loving husbands and fathers.

For that, I’m so thankful.

Matt and I have the honor of sponsoring Francky’s daughter. My heart is SO full every time I see her sweet face. His son, Jorshky, holds a ridiculously special place in my heart. I just can’t. I love them both more than words can say. Francky’s wife is just lovely. I vividly remember a day we visited their house & she came running out SO excited to see me. Prior to this moment we were friends, but I wouldn’t say we had a relationship. We just love this family.


Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset

Junior and his family live farther away and we don’t get the opportunity to visit quite as often, but I love his children. His oldest daughter came last year to VBS for one day. She has the sweetest disposition. It was a joy to watch her laugh all through VBS the day she came. His youngest daughter is just a couple month’s old. We got to visit his house for the first time when my mom was visiting and got to meet his newest daughter & his wife. I’ve never found it so easy to talk to a Haitian woman in Creole until I spoke with his wife. It was like we were friends almost instantly. Talking about our babies & pregnancy & family.


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Isn’t this beautiful?

I could go on and on and tell story after story about these two men. About their families. On and on.

I’m thankful. I’m thankful that there are two beautiful women who have husbands who love & protect them. I’m thankful for the four children who have moms who love them but also dads. Dads who would do anything for their children. Dads who love the Lord. Dads who are engaged in their lives.

There truly are no words for how much we love these men. For how much we love these families.

They are not just our co-workers. They are not just our friends. They are our family. And they will be forever.

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