||Deye Mon, Gen Mon||

**fair warning: there are LOTS of pictures in this post and they may take a little while to load**

Déye mon, gen mon || Behind mountains, are mountains

I’ve heard this Haitian proverb quite often since living here. I’ve heard it explained a couple different ways. Honestly? It’s a proverb that I think can have different meanings at different seasons of life and depending on the way you look at it. Maybe that’s just me, and I’m okay with that.

I suppose it’s original meaning has to do with the trials that Haitians face daily. I see that play out quite often here in the lives of those I love. I think it can be true for anyone anywhere, but I especially understand why this proverb is so prevalent in Haiti.

I felt it last week. Monday was filled with trial after trial. Mountain after mountain. The week seemed to be filled with days like it was Monday after Monday. Mountain after mountain.

There was only one thing on my mind for the weekend. Rest.

By Friday afternoon, I felt like I wanted to lay in bed all day Saturday and sleep the day away. We had been talking about taking a day off to go into the mountains to explore the beauty and enjoy a change of scenery for months. Saturday was the perfect day to go, and even though all I wanted to do was sleep in and rest all day, we decided this adventure was one we had dreamed of for so long that we needed to go. (Sadly, Matt woke up with a fever and we decided it would be best for him to stay home and truly rest all day. He was missed SO much on this adventure.)

I love the mountains. Always have. It’s funny. I’ve always felt at home in the mountains. My early childhood years were spent in Arizona, where I have strong memories of loving mountains. I also feel at home at the beach, thanks to 15 years of living in Florida. Haiti has both and I am so V E R Y grateful.

I could say it a thousand times. I love mountains. I love what they bring to this world. This is why I feel  “Deye mon, gen mon” can have a different meaning. Not every mountain is a trial.

So much beauty can be found in the mountains. If every mountain brings something new & beautiful, I will gladly welcome more mountains.

Whether it’s the small glimpses of joy & beauty in the hard trials, let there be more mountains.

Whether it’s the beauty of adventure & rest, let there be more mountains.

Whether it’s the pain & heartache that comes with struggles, let there be more mountains.


We drove up and through mountain after mountain on our way to Furcy, a beautiful rural village that I would move to in a h e a r t b e a t.

Windows were down and the air got cooler and cooler ’til our faces were cold. Music was playing that perfectly matched the beat of our hearts. Rachel and I kept looking at each other with light in our eyes and smiles that we couldn’t hold back.

We finally arrived at our destination. A very rustic hotel/restaurant called “Rustik”. The name is oh so fitting and we were instantly in love.

DSC_9080 DSC_9082 DSC_9089 DSC_9102

Rustik is made out of all recycled materials and lots of pallets. My pallet-loving heart was overjoyed. We wandered around and got to go up and see their most magical room of all, the treehouse. Yes, you can sleep there.

m a g i c a l.
DSC_9115 DSC_9118 DSC_9131

Every little corner of Rustik was lovely. Absolutely lovely. The weather was cool. It felt like Fall. A welcome change from the daily heat we feel in our little corner of Haiti. I’m constantly amazed by this country.

We ordered breakfast and decided to wander and take some pictures while we waited for our food & coffee. Always coffee.

DSC_9132 DSC_9165DSC_9190 DSC_9167 DSC_9191 DSC_9206  IMG_2073 - Version 2edited65IMG_2031edited36 IMG_2034edited38 IMG_2045edited46
So thankful for her & our adventures.


It’s not often we get to eat breakfast anywhere other than our own homes or the guesthouse.

It was a t r e a t. 

Coffee, bread & an omelet. Yes please. We had quite the lovely view while eating too!


After we were done eating and exploring Rustik, we decided to start the slow drive back through the mountains so we could stop to take pictures along the way & explore a little more.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset
Those wildflowers. Its not often we get to see beauties like those here.

On the way to Rustik, I noticed a small little house on the side of the road that looked like a flower nursery. I was pretty positive I saw succulents so we knew we needed to stop on the way back.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a6 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
It was the most enchanting little mountain-side nursery. And sure enough the sweet, sweet man who cared so delicately for his little plants had succulents. Rachel and I were like little kids in a candy store while Reuben laughed from afar. When you find succulents in Haiti, you buy them. We were more than happy to support Jean Claude and his mountain-side business. We stopped at another little nursery along the way and found even more succulents. The people were precious and the joy we shared over these little plants couldn’t have been sweeter.

The week was filled with trial after trial. Mountain after mountain.

The weekend was filled with joy after joy. Mountain after mountain.


I suppose that when mountain after mountain comes, our hearts can rest in knowing that more mountains will come. The trails will come. The joys will come. I will gladly welcome the mountains because I know my God is faithful and in every season, every trial, every joy – He remains.

I’m so thankful for this constant reminder that the Lord is faithful. It’s been a theme reoccurring in my life this year and the Lord continues to teach me & grow me in it in different ways.

Cutting vegetables.

And mountains.

Oh, the mountains.


3 thoughts on “||Deye Mon, Gen Mon||

  1. Amanda I just love all your posts. This one is so beautiful. Just wanted you to know I do read all of them. Love and blessings to you and Matt.

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