|| Sunrises & Thankfulness||

A few weeks ago, Rachel and I woke up early on a Sunday morning to watch the sunrise. We knew it would be good for our hearts & since we share a love of coffee and photography we figured including those would make it the perfect morning.
DSC_7853 DSC_7857
I’ve always loved sunrises and sunsets. Living in Florida I feel like I’ve been blessed with the best of both.

I grew up in Southwest Florida where the sunsets are unreal every single night. During the summer the storm clouds are left to reflect the fading light in beautiful ways. Winter brings soft, fading colors that are more than lovely. I’ve always been in awe of sunsets. I’ve probably been known to take too many pictures of them. Actually, I’m sure I’ve been known for taking too many pictures. I’ve been asked more times than I can count if I like sunsets or sunrises better. I’ve never been able to answer that question, all I know is that my heart as loved them for as long as I can remember and it’s in the sunrises and sunsets I’ve seen the Lord become more and more real to me. DSC_7826
I spent my college years living on the East Coast of Florida, where my window overlooked the Intracoastal Waterway, which reflects the sunrise beautifully every morning. So many mornings were spent on our balcony or out on the wall just watching the sun slowly rise and bring light to the day.

I’ve always lived somewhere where the sunrises and sunsets did nothing but leave you in awe. The only place I’ve ever loved them as much, if not more than Florida is Haiti.


Not a day goes by that I’m not thankful for the opportunity to live here. The blessings that come daily are beyond my wildest imagination. The fact that my life currently looks the way it is sometimes leaves me questioning and wondering why the Lord has chosen for us to be here at this time. But it also leaves me wondering why the Lord chose us to be here, we don’t deserve this blessing.

One thing that Matt and I have been so beyond thankful for is the community here. We are blessed to live, work, and serve with about 14 other North Americans who’s hearts are set on the same goal as ours. We’re all here for the same purpose and it’s beautiful.

So many of us are tied to each other and share different similarities that there is no question for why we are all here at this time. What a sweet gift.

DSC_7914 DSC_7928 DSC_7950 DSC_8009  DSC_8213DSC_8234
(photos above taken by me)

It has been a huge blessing to me to share my love for photography with sweet friends. I’ve grown up with a camera in my hand since I was two years old. I’ve spent hours in the darkroom with my dad, watching him develop film. I’ve gone on assignments with him. I’ve grown up with pictures and cameras and film all around me. Photography is in my blood. It’s my outlet.

I went a few years without a camera and it may sound silly, but it felt like a part of me was missing. My sweet husband knows my heart well and loves me enough to invest in my passions. I am forever grateful the Lord blessed me with a husband who chooses to invest in & pursue my heart.

IMG_1533edited Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset IMG_1607edited Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset
Rachel and I had a beautiful morning talking, watching the sunrise, drinking coffee, and taking pictures. I left with my heart feeling fuller than ever.

IMG_1662edited IMG_1666edited
(photos above taken by Rachel)

Weeks later, I still look back on these pictures and my heart is filled with thankfulness and joy.

There are so many little things in life that I am thankful for & bring me joy. I am forever amazed that the Lord uses the passions he has blessed us with to pursue us and teach us more about Him.



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