V B S // 2

Well, VBS finished last Thursday. SO bittersweet. It was an exhausting six weeks, but I wouldn’t have traded them for the world. I’m amazed looking back at how faithful the Lord was through it all and how much he moved in the lives of the children and in my own life. I couldn’t be more humbled or thankful for this season. It was definitely dark and heavy at times, but coming out of it I can see how the Lord was using it for His glory & to grow me.


The last week of VBS was so full of stories of life transformation that it’s hard for me to put it into words. One of my favorite stories I’ll share in another blog post – it definitely deserves it’s own post. For now, let me share some of our VBS stats with ya’ll!

Week Four

Central Campus (Source Matelas) – 409 kids
North Campus (Leveque) – 284 kids
Off Campus (Fovo) – 340 kids
TOTAL: 1,033


Central Campus (Source Matelas) – 52 kids
North Campus (Leveque) – 20 kids
Off Campus (Fovo) – 20 kids


Week Five



Central Campus (Minoterie) – 435 kids
North Campus (Bercy) – 350 kids
Off Campus (Cabaret) – 325 kids
TOTAL: 1,110

Central Campus (Minoterie) – 52 kids
North Campus (Bercy) – 2 kids
Off Campus (Cabaret) – 50 kids
TOTAL: 104


Week Six


Central Campus (Titanyen) – 485 kids
North Campus (Labodrie) – 310 kids
Off Campus (Zoranje) – 315 kids
TOTAL: 1,110
Central Campus (Titanyen) – 53 kids
North Campus (Labodrie) – 31 kids
Off Campus (Zoranje) – 26 kids
TOTAL: 110
6, 576 children attended VBS over the past six weeks – thats 6,576 children who heard the gospel, ate a hot meal, and received lots of love.
22,717 hot meals were eating through VBS this summer. 45,434 bags of water were given to the children as well.
And my favorite of all, 912 precious children put their faith in Jesus and have decided to follow Him. 
Will you join me in praying for all these sweet babies? Our Village Champions will begin following up with the children from their village soon. They will be discipling them, getting them plugged into a local church, and speaking with their families. This is HUGE. We want these children to have the opportunities to grow in their relationships with Jesus and continue that throughout the year.
Thank you all so much for your prayers. They mean more than I could ever put into words.
I am so grateful. 

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