Little Moments

Sometimes I feel like something grand has to happen for me to blog about. That’s what people want to read, right? This adventure we get to call life certainly has moments that are huge and worth writing about. I’ve written about them before and will continue to share those moments. But life isn’t always made up of moments like that. More often than not life is made up of little moments. Honestly? It’s the little moments that set my heart ablaze.

This week my heart has been overwhelmed in the most beautiful way by these “little moments”. And they’re just too sweet not to share.

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My sweet friend Rachel got strawberries. Y’all. This is huge. Getting strawberries in Haiti is either almost impossible or beyond expensive. She sweetly saved one for me and boy did that touch my heart. Look at that beauty!!

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Walking down the hill to church every Sunday morning with my handsome husband. We get the privilege of walking for about 10 minutes down hill overlooking the most stunning view of hills and the ocean. It’s always a sweet ten minutes of walking, talking, and dreaming.

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Holding this sweet baby on Sunday mornings (and getting peed on). Y’all. I love it. And sitting with her sweet big sister who is always all smiles.

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Discovery. We’re studying plants in school right now and the boys are LOVING it. We’ve had some great conversations about how we need things to grow in the Lord just like plants need things to grow. And boy, oh boy are they curious little ones!!

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This view. I will never tire of it.

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We had theRESPONSE band down here and on Wednesday night they did a concert at our church. As I walked in the church I caught eye with Mathensly. He ran to me and jumped into my arms faster than I could have blinked and my heart was full. Then I spotted his beautiful sister, Pednika standing with their dad, Atthis (post about their family here). Thankfully I got to sit with them during the concert. Mathensly was up dancing through the whole thing (shocker!) and Pednika sweetly stood in front of me, holding my arms around her and swaying back and forth with me to the music. Oh my heart. During one of the songs they were playing I was singing it to her in Creole so she could understand the song. It was one of those moments. Then there was another moment. And I thought singing to her in Creole was a precious moment. We were sitting down, with her on my lap, singing 10,000 reasons. I was softly singing the song in her ear in English while she softly sang the song in my ear in Creole. I melted. Sweetest moment of the week.

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Quite possibly the day my heart burst with pride. Not pride in myself by any means. But pride in our village champions. This is huge. In class on Thursday they were TRANSLATING. All of them. With each other. That means they were all speaking English, Creole, and translating everything they heard. WHAT?! Most of them couldn’t even introduce themselves in English when I met them. And now they’re translating. This is huge. I am SO proud of them I could just jump up and down and spin around. They have worked SO hard on their English and their hard work is definitely paying off. SO proud.

It really is all about the little moments, isn’t it. These ones have captured my heart and reminded me of why we’re here. For moments like these. The Lord is so good and faithful. Thank you for journeying along with us on this wild adventure called life!

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