Ways to bless.

Hi friends!

We hope you all are doing well! We miss and love everyone SO much! We’ve been wanting to write this post for a little while, but honestly these posts are just boring and no fun to write. We’ve just had a few people over the past few months ask us if theres anything we need or if theres anyway they can bless us – which we appreciate A LOT! Neither of us enjoy asking for things or even telling people our needs when they ask. Silly, I know. We’re also learning that if we don’t put the need out there it won’t be met.

So we’ve made up a little list of some of our current needs and ways that you can support us without financially supporting us monthly/one time. Here they are:

  • Health Insurance- Mission of Hope has recently offered us health insurance that covers in country and out of country medical needs. We truly believe this is very important and have decided to get coverage through Mission of Hope for Amanda (Matt is covered already by another company). It is such a blessing to have this opportunity, but it comes with a cost. The cost for health insurance for Amanda will be $175/month. If you feel like this is something important that you would like to help with, it would be extremely appreciated.
  • Airline miles- We have to travel back to the states a few times a year for residency reasons and sometimes to different states while we’re in America. Plane tickets add up VERY quickly for the two of us and usually we have to purchase multiple all at one time. If you have earned airline miles and would like to donate them to us to help out in that way, send us an email and we can talk about how that would work. Or if you would simply like to help us with purchasing our flights, we would also be very blessed by that.
  • Baggage fees- As you can imagine, we don’t have access to everything here in Haiti so when we’re in the states we are always loading up on stuff that we can bring back (shampoo, conditioner, food items, etc.) So we always have extra baggage fees. If you’d like to help with those we’d also appreciate it more than you could know!
  • Amazon gift cards- Like I said above, we are always coming home and having to stock up on necessities. Usually we try to buy things cheaper off of Amazon that way they’re already at the house when we get back. We also go through amazon to buy books to read through the kindle store.
  • Four Wheeler-Let me be clear, this is NOT a NECESSITY. But this would be a huge blessing. We have to walk up and down the hill and all around campus multiple times a day, which takes up a lot of time. We’re also getting into Haitian summertime, so it’s gonna get even hotter. So if this is something you’d be willing/able to do, please let us know. We can work out getting it here.
  • Prayer-Continue to pray that God would continue to use us to bring life transformation through His gospel. We want to be effective in being witnesses of the Gospel and of the glory of God to people in Haiti. Pray that we run with endurance.

Those are just some other things that would bless us tremendously. Of course if you think of something that you think would be a blessing, we will gladly talk through it with you! We feel so loved and supported on this journey and are SO grateful for each and everyone of you!! If any of the things above are something you feel like you would like to bless us with, feel free to email either one of us. Our emails are matt@mohhaiti.org and amanda@mohhaiti.org.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We love you all and are so grateful for everything you mean to us!

Matt & Amanda



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