Joy Delights in Joy.


This past weekend, Matt and I got the privilege to stay out at the MOH North Campus in Bercy. It’s a relatively new campus that is right on the Ocean. We have a team from Buffalo, NY here right now and they are partnered with Bercy (the village) so they are staying at the Bercy campus as well as working in Bercy all week. The Village Champions from Bercy told Matt that they were having a Kids Club on Saturday and wanted us to come to it, so we decided to stay the night out at Bercy on Friday and go into the village with the team during the morning and then go to the Kids Club that afternoon.

Can I be honest? Last week was hard. It was a draining week physically and emotionally. Friday afternoon rolled around and I just wanted to stay home in our little apartment, but I am SO glad I didn’t.

We woke up with the sun on Saturday morning at Bercy. The sunrise was beautiful. After eating breakfast and getting ready, we headed out to Bercy with the team from NY for Village Time. It was such a great morning. The team split in half and we went through the village to pray for families. Man, it was so sweet. We got to pray over families with all different struggles and circumstances. It was a powerful morning, friends. My heart was so full. Completely full with joy.

While we were out in the morning there were tons of kids running around and following us. There was this beautiful little girl, Nashka, who either followed me, held my hand, or was in my arms the entire time. I kept laughing because I put her down after almost every house and she’d walk away and about two minutes later I felt her little hand on my leg again at the next house we would be at. She always found me. And I’m not complaining. 🙂 Sometimes the kids can be distracting in the villages, especially when you’re praying for people. She was different. She just stayed in my arms, played with my hair, and would rest her head on my shoulder while we prayed.

Heart. Melted.

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Joy. Pure Joy.

After lunch, we went to Bercy Baptist Church for the Kids Club. Ya’ll… my heart. The Village Champions had planned this service for the kids in Bercy and it was so incredible. Kids were singing, the team did a skit and told a Bible story, and the Village Champions had water, juice, sandwiches, and candy to hand out to every child there. What made it so special is that it was completely planned and run by the Village Champions, not the Americans. We explain their job as this: Missionaries to their own village. And goodness, do these guys get it!! This is the church, friends. It is beautiful.

Matt and I both work with the Village Champions daily. Well, he works with them. I just teach them English. But we have developed some of the sweetest friendships with them. We felt so honored that they asked us to come out to see the Kids Club. And can I just tell you how incredibly sweet it was to see them sharing Christ with all these children!?!? As they passed out the water and food to the kids at the end I just sat back, watched, and teared up something fierce. I love their hearts. I also got to meet the son and daughter of Atthis (a Bercy Village Champion). I hope that at some point I get to meet all the Village Champions families. It’s such an honor to work with them. I don’t think I could say that enough.

So much joy.

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This is Mackensly, Atthis’ son. Isn’t he just the cutest!? Be still, my heart.

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Matt praying during Kids Club.

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Matt and I with the Village Champions. Left to right (Atthis, Osse, Gespere, Junior)

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After the Kids Club, all the kids got to play on the playground outside the church. Only one word could describe it. Joy.

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Matt & Matensly!

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Me & Matensly.

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So much joy.

We got home Saturday evening and were so filled with joy. It was uncontainable. The Lord was so gracious to give us that time in Bercy and to use it to fill us up with joy.

Friends, we miss you all and are praying that the Lord fills your heart with joy today amidst whatever your circumstances may be. We would love it if you would share with us how the Lord is filling you with joy so we can delight with you! Thanks for sharing in our joy about the life transformation taking place here in Haiti. 

Joy delights in joy. 


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