We’re alive, I promise!


First of all, I am SO sorry that it has taken so long for us to update our blog. My (Amanda) computer decided to stop working and Matt has been busy using his for work, so trying to write a blog has been almost impossible. I believe I have my computer working so hopefully you will hear from us again in a few days with some more updates. 

This post is going to be short and sweet. 

We have been in Haiti for two and a half weeks already and our hearts couldn’t be more filled with joy. The Lord has been so faithful and it is so neat to see how He is working in our lives already. I still can’t get over that every morning I get to walk out the front door to the beautiful view you see in the picture! The past few weeks have been filled with lots of activities and stories for us to share with you, and we will! We will be sending out monthly e-mail newsletters with updates on our month. To do this, we need your email addresses!!!! 

If you would like to receive monthly email newsletters from us, please fill out the form below!! If you would also like to receive our blog posts in an email format, on the right side of our blog page there is a place where it says you can “follow” our blog. Enter your email there as well and you will receive our blog posts in your inbox! 

We are so grateful for you. I cannot say it enough because it is so true. Know that you are in our hearts and we are thanking the Lord for your love and support in our lives on a daily basis! Now… send us your e-mail addresses!! 


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