This Crazy Adventure

Where in the world are we? And what in the world are we doing? 

Those seem to be questions we’ve been getting a lot lately. We even find ourselves asking those questions to each other every once in a while. This will be my attempt to give you an answer for those questions for the next month of our lives. 

Let’s start with how all of this came about. Back in the middle of May, I applied for a teaching position at Mission of Hope after Matt encouraged me to do so. Through a long process of an interview, waiting, having Matt’s resume sent in, praying, and waiting some more, we found out on July 1st that we were not going to be able to move to Haiti. Five days later, that changed. Now it was a possibility again and we were back to waiting. On July 9th, we were told that there was a pretty big possibility we’d be moving to Haiti and to go ahead and pack up our apartment in North Carolina (where we’ve been the last year.) So between July 10-July 17th we packed up our apartment and were ready to move our stuff to Florida. On July 17th, the COO of Mission of Hope flew up to meet with us in person. At the end of that meeting we were given the green flag and told that we were on staff at Mission of Hope. So the next morning, July 18th we moved all of our belongings to our families houses in Florida.  

Now, why in the world did we move all our stuff to Florida? 

A few months back my old youth pastor & the officiant of our wedding, Darrick Castronova, asked Matt and I to come spend a month in Buffalo, NY with him and his family. Darrick is the Lead Pastor at theWELL, a church he planted about three years ago. We knew we were coming up here on July 20th, so when we found out Haiti was a possibility, we decided that we would need to move our stuff to Florida before we came to Buffalo so that we wouldn’t have to  pay rent in North Carolina and we wouldn’t have to come back and frantically pack our stuff and move. So that’s what we did. We drove to Florida on the 18th and flew to Buffalo on the 20th. 

So, what in the world are we doing in Buffalo?

Matt is working with Darrick at theWELL in various capacities. It’s been so neat for me to see my husband get to know and work with Darrick, who has played a large role in my life. I’m tutoring Darrick & Jodi’s son Isaac, who they adopted from Haiti six years ago. For those of you who know me really well, you know that Isaac is one of my favorite human beings on this earth. He has such a special place in my heart that no words could explain. I’ve also loved spending time with Jodi and Savannah. When we’re not doing those things we are spending time with the whole family and enjoying everyones company. We’ve also been eating more than our fair share of good food. Apparently Buffalo has some of the best food in this country. The Lord’s timing on all of this has been so perfect. Any time I’ve visited Darrick & Jodi, I always leave refreshed and encouraged. I know that the Lord is using this time to prepare us and equip us for the ministry He has called us to. We will be here in Buffalo until August 20th, when we will fly back to Florida for our last two weeks in the country. 

Here are some pictures from our time in Buffalo so far: 


Visiting the creek!


Serve day with the youth group, Vapo.


We’ve gone on lots of bike rides!


Visited Niagara Falls!!


At church with my favorite boy.


Spent the day at a beautiful lake and went kayaking.


Bike ride to the Taste of Williamsville and to a waterfall with my handsome husband.

Where in the world will we be when we come back to Florida? 

Plant City, FL – August 21st- 23rd. We will be spending lots of time with Matt’s family and seeing some of his good friends in his hometown.

West Palm Beach, FL – August 24th. We are planning on having lunch somewhere in West Palm to meet up with all our friends in that area to see them before we leave for Haiti. If you live in West Palm and want to see us, shoot me an email so I can tell you when/where we will meet for lunch! 

Fort Myers, FL – August 25th-September 1st. This will be our time to pack, do some fundraising, and make sure we are all set to move to Haiti. We will spend some time with my family and will also want to see some of our friends in Fort Myers! 

And we will officially move to Haiti the morning of September 2nd. 

If you would like to see us before we leave, please send me a text or email and we will make sure we set a time to see you!! We would love to sit down and have coffee with you and talk for a while! 

Hopefully that answers the questions of where we are and what we are doing! If you have any questions for us, don’t ever hesitate to call or email! We love answering questions! 

Thank you to everyone for your love and support! We are still in need of your support and prayer. We leave in less than a month and are still trying to reach our goal of $3,000/month or $36,000 for the year. You can go here to support us.

We cannot say thank you enough. This isn’t possible with out your love and support. Ya’ll mean the world to us!

In His name,



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