Church Advancement

What is Church Advancement?

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In a recent article written by Drew Garrison, director of Church Development, he tells of an experience he had with a Haitian pastor.  The pastor said “We [the Haitian church] have been called to minister to our people in word and deed.  We are able to do the word part, but we can’t do the deed because so many other people are doing it.”  The article gives great detail about what the pastor meant by that phrase.  In short, because of so many mission organizations, NGOs, and other groups that have flooded Haiti since the 2010 earthquake, the Haitian pastors and the Haitian church cannot care for their own people like they ought.  He wasn’t implying that these things are necessarily bad, but the Haitian Church is responsible for caring for it’s people and the pastors there have a desire to do that.  Please go read the short article for more information about the heartbeat of Mission of Hope to come alongside and help the Haitian Church. You can also read more about Church Advancement here.


As you may know, I (Matt) will be serving in the Church Advancement department.   In the several villages around MOH, the team has set up what they call Continuum’s of Transformation (COTs) which include meeting physical needs like building homes, providing educational training, evangelism and discipleship, pastor/leadership training and healthcare.  Two men will serve above me who will coordinate and facilitate what those needs are in each village by working alongside the Village Champions who live in each of those villages.  I will partially serve in an intermediary role between the two as an administrator/coordinator of the COTs to ensure the needs are met efficiently and effectively.  I will also be working in small ways with the North American teams that travel to Haiti to serve.


At the end of this post is a video of my friend Ruben Cenea discussing Church Advancement and the ways the North American churches can get involved with MOH.  We met him in March 2010 when Amanda and I led a trip to MOH with our university, Palm Beach Atlantic.  Two months earlier God miraculously guarded his life during the earthquake, but that’s a story for another time. 


Thank you in advance for your prayers and financial support.  We are deeply grateful for any way the Lord leads you to support us.

-Matt Johnson

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